Many Wash Days Ago

Hey people,

It’s been so many wash days since I last posted on my blog. It has not been easy dealing with the kids and going to work and washing my hair and blah blah. I’m sure you understand.

As I type this, my hair is wrapped in a towel turban thingy (I don’t really remember what to call it). I have successfully washed my hair but my wash day routine is not over yet. Once the kids go to bed, I will release my hair from it’s turban captor and give it some TLC with my African Pride products (and Avocado oil of course!). Winter is coming so I will add Shea Butter to my routine soon.

Once these little ones…

…have gone to bed, I shall be free!

Much love to you all.

Always me,


African and Proud

Hey World,

I had to take a break for a while. I actually changed my hair routine back to an old one. 

It all began when I was scrolling through old pictures on my phone and saw my 2013-2014 natural hair. It looked so good in comparison to my present hair. I asked myself what was different then and I realized. African Pride! I don’t know why I ever switched from African Pride to Cantu. Cantu is pretty good but African Pride leave in conditioner always had the best effect on my hair. 

Well I decided to give it a try for a week and it gave my hair so much TLC! It was wonderful. My hair was so easy to manage even before applying my beloved Avocado oil. I will watch and see how my hair handles it in the long run. I’m in love!!!! 

Always me 


“Hair” Lifesaver 

Hey guys,

Did you notice what I did with the title? Just like the last post?…ok this has gotten old. I promise this is the last time. 

It all began when I missed wash day on Friday. Then missed it on Saturday. Then missed it on Sunday. Then missed it on…wait a minute! I missed it completely. It was Monday and time for work. I sat up for a little while thinking of what I could do to my dirty hair and scalp. Well it didn’t take me long to figure it out. I had a dry shampoo I hadn’t used. It is called Zerreau Haircare Innovation Towel Off Shampoo Foam. I decided to use it for the first time and guess what? It worked out well. It is not a complete substitute for wash day but it’s a hair life saver for those missed wash days. 

I took a little bit at a time and massaged it onto my scalp. Then cleaned it off with a towel. It smelled so good. Then off to work I went with my fresh hair. (A lot happened in between but my kids are not letting me post this in peace). Later guys! 

Always me,


“Hair” Road to Recovery 

Hey everyone,

I need to tell you a story of “hair” road to recovery. Get it? Hair/her road…hehehe. Don’t mind me please. 

Well after months of postpartum shedding, my hair is coming back with a vengeance and I’m so happy. I even dare to bare it most days now. After all I’m proud of the new hair. Welcome my babies! 


It’s been a while. My kids have really kept me away from my blog with their synchronized crying and pooping! I will not go into details about the synchronized pooping but am I the only one with kids who poop at the exact same time?! 

Oh and have you checked out my Instagram video? The “Raise your hand series”? I had to let out some steam on a very serious issue. People who give unsolicited advice about hair when they are in no position to do so! Yes this is me shamelessly advertising my Instagram handle. It’s @hairoflife (wink wink). 

Hope everyone is doing great. Hugs and kisses
Always me,


Hair goes on Vacation 

Hey World,

Let me start by asking a question. Am I the only one who has ever decided to skip wash day before going on vacation? 

Well that’s what I did. My family and I went on a vacation and my unwashed hair followed us. It followed us to the hotel and decided it was too tired to be washed on the first night. The second night…it made the same decision. Would you believe that?! That hair followed us everywhere we went. The second day of a missed washed day, it hid under a scarf. 

Let’s just say I defeated my hair and finally washed it on the third day but I didn’t remember to take any pictures. However, I have one of me today with the same hair…

Have a lovely day. 
Always me,


Where are you going?

Hey World,

I have been watching my hair fall off my hair at an alarming rate. Where are you going my dear hair? I keep looking for ways to hide the damage being done. 

Well, other days I just dare to bare:

I wear my baldness out like a mother’s badge of honour. I’d forgo having hair on my edges for my sweet Lausanne any day! 

In other news, my baby was baptized this month:

As I type this, I have not washed my hair and I have work tomorrow. Can someone beg these kids for me? It’s going to be wash midnight and not wash day. Wish me luck please!

Yes, this is such a random post. 
Always me,


Time is key 

Hey World,

Let’s go straight to the point. Time is very important for natural hair. Last week, for the first time ever, I took my time to properly detangle my hair. It was important for me to do so because my hair is shedding at 1 million strands per second (yes, I’m overreacting) due to postpartum shedding. When this happens, my hair gets tangled up and I spend too much time trying to comb it. 

While in the shower, I sectioned my hair and washed as usual. However after applying conditioner, I took time to gently rid my hair of the shed hair (Lausanne and Marcello allowed me to do this). When twisting my hair, I could easily run a comb through without any problems and I didn’t spend much time. 

I hope I always have time when washing my hair to repeat this. Please wish me luck! 

(Random pic)

Always me,