Introduction to Sandeey’s Hair!

Hello World,

I have been natural for almost three years now. My last hair relaxer was applied on June 2010 so I can say that was day 1.



My decision to go natural was made after a friend of mine suggested that I do so. I did some research on how to maintain natural hair and my natural hair journey began. I however did not just cut all my relaxed hair off in the beginning. I definitely had no confidence to shave all my hair off. I waited for about 8 months to do that.


Even when I finally cut off my relaxed ends, I covered my hair up all the time. I didn’t want anyone to see me like that. I had never ever cut my hair before then so I didn’t know how to wear it confidently. All it took several months later, to rock my short kinks, was the assurance of Piya that I could rock the hair. Everywhere I went, people asked me if that was my real hair. They loved it! Well I have to thank YouTube for that because video tutorials of several ‘naturalistas’ taught me how to style short hair.



Now that my hair is longer, people are always amazed and ask me how they can do same. Well I end up rushing through years of experience and hair research so they could be encouraged and follow suit. I have sent numerous emails, and spent time on the phone explaining. Well now, with this blog, it will be easier for me to tell you guys to just read my blog.


I hope you enjoy this blog.

Always me, Sandeey



  1. Sandeey…i decided to go natural too last year and i did the big chop in Nov. i’m glad your blogging about your hair experiences, lol..loads to learn….yours inspired me. thank you.

  2. Hey Sandeey,am glad u r sharing or experience with everyone, as this will encourage them, my hair is turning out well by the way . Thanks

  3. 8 months begins now for me….so going natural…cant get enough of ur blog….hv to leave d office now #sobs

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