Product Review: Leave-In Conditioners

Hi World,

I cannot write about natural hair without discussing the products that help keep my hair moisturized. People ask me what products I use and they never understand when I just explain. So now, let me tell you the type of Leave-In Conditioners I use.

The first one I stumbled upon is the SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter DEEP TREATMENT MASQUE.
It contains Sea Kelp, Argan Oil and Shea Butter. It is made for dry, damaged hair.


This product is wonderful (in my singing voice). It is both a masque and leave-in-conditioner. However, I cannot use this as a masque because it implies that I must wash off. It is a bit pricey so I cannot wash my money off my hair! I believe this product is great because it makes my hair so soft…and trust me, getting it soft is no easy task! But this product has proven that any hair can be soft!

Well these are the pros…what about the cons? Well my hair knows of only 1 con. Humidity and this product, do NOT mix! My hair swells with humidity. If I use it to style my hair in a twist-out, once I step outside it swells in the most annoying way #SideshowBob. So for dry weather and winter, this product ROCKS!

Now onto the next: Nature’s Gentle Touch Herbal Blend Intensive Leave-in Conditioner


I wouldn’t say this product is intensive for my thick kinky hair. It is quite watery and I usually must apply a thick moisturizer afterwards. However, I use it when the weather is humid. My hair doesn’t swell up. I think it will be great for thinner hair.

The last leave-in I will review is the Shea Butter Miracle Moisture Intense Leave-In Conditioner by African Pride.


I absolutely love this product. Ever since I discovered it, my hair has never been the same. It has a nice slip to it and allows any detangling instrument (brushes, combs or fingers) pass through with ease. Frizzy hair’s got nothing on this product. One thing I love is that Shea Butter is one of the first ingredients listed (this means there is a high concentration of it). I will call this product ‘magic’.

Well that’s it for now. More reviews on deep conditioners, hair moisturizers, etc. to come.

Always me,


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