Humidity Becomes Me

Bonjour World!

In my review of leave-in conditioners that I use, I told you how one of them does not go with humidity. I’m pretty sure you don’t really understand because there were no pictures of the “sideshow Bob” effect. Well sit back and relax, I’ve got a humidity adventure story for you!

One bright and sunny Sunday Morning, Sandeey was rocking an old twist-out. She felt there was no need to do anything to her hair. This was because Sunday was the perfect day she could tie a scarf and get away with messy hair. Well little did she know that something would come up. In about 3 hours, she would have to go for an event.

Sandeey told herself “no biggie, I’ll rock a mean Bantu-knot out. I have time to do that and I have the perfect product to keep it moisturized”. With the aid of one of her most cherished leave-in conditioners, she put her hair in Bantu-knots.

20130312-073936.jpg #SweetBantu

Sandeey pranced around the house looking for the perfect outfit for the event. She confidently envisioned how her hair would turn out and smiled to herself #HakunaMatata. 30 minutes to the event, Sandeey decided it was time to unravel her marvelous Bantu-knots. To her surprise and satisfaction, what she saw in the mirror was better than she had imagined.

20130312-072310.jpg #NaturalMoment

She quickly wore her outfit, put on her make-up and gave her hair the final touch-up. As she stepped out of the house, she thought to herself “this weather is kind of humid”. However she dismissed this thought as nothing was going to stop her mean Bantu-knot out from looking so gorgeous #AintNobodyGatTimeFoThat. Well, 10 minutes into the car ride, the Humidity Fairy decided to teach Sandeey a lesson and give her a piece of humble pie to eat. The Humidity Fairy took a deep breath and blew her humid-ridden breath all over Sandeey’s hair. She tapped Sandeey and whispered “take a picture of your hair and see what I have done”. And Sandeey did.

20130312-072327.jpg #HumidityBecomesMe

This was certainly not the hair that Sandeey left the house with. Sandeey was so annoyed and realized what had happened. Humidity took its toll. However, she decided she was not going to be stopped and spat out the darn humble pie that the Humidity Fairy gave her to eat. She rocked that ‘poofy’ hair like no other.

20130312-081432.jpg #BigHairDontCare

The End.

Notes: Hey World, this story seems to portray humidity as my kinky hair’s nemesis. It is however a bittersweet relationship as humidity helps keep my hair moisturized. My hair is always so soft and I believe it aids in the retention of length. I have learned to always leave my house with hair bands just in case the Humidity Fairy appears. Whenever I see my hair getting ‘poofy’, I just put it in a careless bun and rock the look.

Always me,



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