The Frizz Queen

Hi World,

I am so excited to be posting frequently! Well I wanted to post tomorrow but something came to mind…The Frizz Queen. Frizz is not my friend and I will tell you why.

I was on my own, minding my business when a thought came into my head: “Why don’t you prepare for a twist-out and leave it in twists for two days for wonderful, well-defined results?”. I quickly jumped up on Sunday morning and did just that. I knew there was no way the Humidity Fairy could spoil my day because I used my African Pride leave-in conditioner and raw Shea Butter to seal in the moisture while twisting #BeatThatHumidityFairy.

20130312-203730.jpg #SweetTwistsOfMine

I did not go out with my hair in twists for the world to see. I tied scarves when I needed to leave the house. After all, it was a great sacrifice for the future twist-out I wanted to rock. Well Sunday passed and Monday too. Today was the chosen day for the big reveal…my expected beautiful, well-defined, to die for twist-out! I put some oil in my hands to make sure the hair would not frizz up and unraveled my twists. THEN THIS HAPPENED!:


20130312-203907.jpg #FrizzFiles

I could not believe that I met the Frizz Queen. Why did she decide to pay me a visit? For goodness sake I did everything right! Well I think I did. When preparing for my twist-out, I properly detangled my hair with my brush and made sure I twisted it very well. I even thought leaving it in twists for longer would help with the definition. It did not. When I prepare for a twist-out, I usually leave the twists in overnight and unravel the next morning. It comes out well-defined. Well now I know who put the thought of leaving my hair in twists for two days…the Frizz Queen! #YouWinThisTime.

However, I was able to solve my frizz problem by giving myself a Low Knot style.


Lesson Learned For my Hair: Frizz appears when twists are left in for more than a day! Hope this helps.

Always me, Sandeey


7 thoughts on “The Frizz Queen

  1. haha I can definitely relate 😀 good you’ve figured out what works for you. I’m still experimenting with different products/techniques and I learn everyday ~14 months into my natural hair journey. Rock on sister 😉

    Btw, have you tried using a gel for your twist outs? (I haven’t read the entire blog so pardon me if you have already answered this question somewhere)

    1. Took ages to figure out what works and how to apply them. Lol. I’m still working on finding a gel that works well for me. I get away with not using gel when the weather is dry though. I haven’t posted anything about it yet. Any suggestions? I’m ready to try any and put out a review!

      1. I try to be as natural as possible with the products I use so I’d suggest aloe vera gel or homemade flax seed gel (I hear it’s super easy to make, I have some lying around at home that I have not gotten around to trying yet).

        Also, I hear using the LOC (liquid, oil and cream)/LCO method to moisturize your hair before applying gel helps to reduce the crunchiness when the gel dries. I’m yet to try this on my hair, maybe I’ll get a twist/braid out that doesn’t end up in a puff/bun cuz it didn’t come out right 😀 haha

      2. Hahaha @ puff/bun! Thanks for the tips. I have actually tried Aloe Vera Gel in the past and do not remember why I stopped. I will try it once more with the LOC method and see what happens. I will definitely take pictures! I haven’t tried the flax seed gel yet although I watched how to make it on YouTube. I must try it and hope it works well for me. It’s good I started my blog. With people like you, I can learn a lot. Thanks.

        I will be featuring naturals in my blog in the nearest future. Hope you would be willing to be one of them!

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