Product Reviews: Deep Conditioners

Hello Everyone!

So, I decided to post this review on deep conditioners I use. I feel this is very important for kinky hair. I will not get scientific and tell you that it does blah blah to the hair follicles (science is not my field!). I can only tell you that my hair loves deep conditioners and I know yours would too. Some people only deep condition their hair once or twice a month. Everybody is different. Rather than use normal conditioners weekly and use deep conditioners bi-weekly, I decided to use it all the time. My hair is so thick and dense so I’m sure it’s best for it. However, if you have fine hair strands, you might try using deep conditioners once or twice a month. Now, enough of the explanation, it’s time to see what I use.

Product 1: Natures Gentle Touch HerbalBlend Deep Conditioning Cholesterol Treatment

20130313-181732.jpg #KinkyMagic

This product is my absolute favorite! It makes my hair unbelievably soft. The first time I used it, I thought it was a hair relaxer because I did not understand why my hair was so soft. While it was still on my hair, I called my sister to check what was going on. She was the one who told me about this product and I had to double check with her if she was sure it didn’t have relaxer ingredients. Of course she laughed but I was having none of that! There was no way a relaxer in disguise would ruin years of hard work! #Paranoid. Well I quickly washed it off and expected to see straight hair in the mirror. I was relieved when I saw my sweet (softer) coils in tact.

The other day, I was at a store and saw reps for the Natures Gentle Touch products. One of them stopped me and asked me if I had used their products and also if she could tell me about them. Well I told her my hair was natural (was wearing a scarf), so the relaxers were invisible to me. However, I let her know that I used the deep conditioner and it was magic. I even told her they’d have to start paying me because I always rant about it to anyone who would listen!

In summary, this is creamy gold for me!

Product 2: Beauty Formulas Henna Treatment Wax or Avocado Treatment Wax Intensive Deep Conditioner

20130313-183809.jpg #AnotherWinner

This product has been so good to me. I tried it before Gentle Touch and loved it so much. You can say I’m addicted to it because I cannot stop buying it. I alternate between the two products. As for Beauty Formulas product, I don’t have a preference between the Henna and the Avocado. They even have Honey Treatment Wax. Whenever I go to buy it, I just pick the first one I see. I however do not pick the Honey anymore because the smell is too weird for me. That’s why I did not bother putting a picture of it.

So World, these are the deep conditioners I love. Note that these choices are based on the ones I can easily lay my hands on in Nigeria without breaking the bank. I adapt to any place I find myself.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. There are other products I have tried in the past but these ones stand out! Also, I will do a review of normal conditioners in the nearest future. I don’t use them anymore but some of you may need and want them. Hope this helps.

Always me,



  1. Pls wah can you say about profectiv growth renew temple defense leave in conditioner? Is it great for natural hair?

  2. Thanks so much for this review! They are indeed readily available here in Nigeria and won’t blow your budget. Should have read this review though before shopping because I actually bought the Honey treatment wax 😁. Oh well… I would like to know if you have tried their avocado moisturizing deep conditioner which comes in a tube, and your thoughts on it. 😊

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