Be Careful What You Wish For

Hey World

I’ve had many people say they wish their hair were as thick and full as mine. As I’ve mentioned, I have thick strands and very dense hair.
20130315-130427.jpg #TresDense

20130315-130615.jpg #TresFull

It’s time-consuming washing and preparing my hair for styles but I have gotten used to it. I never expected my hair to be as thick as it is now. It was considered full when my hair was relaxed. I remember going to get my hair braided and hair stylists raising the prices whenever they saw my hair. I even resorted to wearing a scarf while bargaining and removing it (to their horror) when I was satisfied with the price. It worked like magic!

When I was transitioning to natural hair, I spent hours on YouTube trying to visualize how my hair would turn out. I had no idea what my hair type was (still not too sure) and watched any video I could find. I learned how to style my hair and which accessories I would need. I ran to the store and bought everything I would need for my future natural hair. I was so excited and couldn’t wait. What I didn’t know was my hair was thicker and denser than the ‘naturalistas’ I was learning from.

I would watch them twist their hair into 6-8 places after washing and wait for their hair to dry. They would wash at night and wear a satin cap to sleep. In the morning, their dried hair was revealed. This was certainly not the case for me! I twist my own hair into 12 or more places because 6-8 would never dry on time! I never wash at night and expect fully dried hair in the morning. That could only happen in another life.

I would watch them use banana clips and clip their hair. I bought 3 banana clips and they’re all broken now. I didn’t know I would need gigantic ones. I bought small hair combs to hold my hair in place for certain hairstyles but now they do not even penetrate my hair. Peep the huge hair combs I now use below:
20130315-124854.jpg #Huge

I never even knew that I would meet the Humidity Fairy.The hair gets bigger than ever whenever she is around. I put my hair in a lovely twist-out and 15 minutes later, this is what happened:

20130315-132200.jpg #WhatTheHeck

It’s a bittersweet relationship but I’m still learning what to do to make sure I can handle it better.

So to all who wish to have my hair, be careful what you wish for!

To me, who wants waist length hair…should I be careful what I’m wishing for? How will I handle it? Till then I guess.

Hope this helped.

Always me,


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