Ol’ Faithful Twist-Outs

Hey World, my hair has something to tell you. I’ll sit back and let it tell you about twist-outs.

My Hair:
Hi everyone. Sandeey didn’t give me a name because she isn’t crazy…really. Anyway I would like to tell you about the most popular outfit I’ve worn since Sandeey met me.

It all started when I was a little baby, probably about 10 months old. Sandeey was obsessed with finding ways to rock me and stumbled upon the simplest method she could find. Les Twist-outs…yes I’m French…no Sandeey is still sane.

Well, when she gave me this outfit as a baby, I was so happy and so was she. She rocked me to the office a lot. It was the easiest outfit for her to give me because all she had to do was wash me, moisturize me and twist me. She would sleep with me covered in a satin cap. This was because I was afraid of the boogie man who was made of cotton and found on her pillow case. If she didn’t protect me from him, he would dry all the moisture she gave me and my outfit would end up being hideous when unraveled in the morning.

Over the years I have been wearing my twist-outs outfit. She used to style me when damp in my early days but now I’m longer, she does not try it because I do not dry in time. There was a time she tried it and kept me in twists for two days. I still did not dry completely. It is not my fault and I wouldn’t say i’m stubborn. I am just so thick.

Sometimes, Sandeey puts me in small twists when preparing my outfit and it turns out this way:



20130314-182919.jpg #FirstDayOutfit

There was a day when Sandeey used a blow dryer (cool air) to stretch me out a bit before making me into chunky twists. It turned out this way:

20130314-183102.jpg #LovingMe

I think I look better than Sandeey in the pictures #HeHe. I hope I helped.

Always me,
Sandeey My Hair



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