Keeping It Simple


Hey Everyone,

Simplicity is Key…I learned this last year November. Let me explain.

In the past, I was a product junkie. By this, I mean that I bought and used every single product, recommended by other naturals…that I could lay my hands on. I cannot even begin to count how much I have spent since my decision to love my kinky hair. I can say that this had its pros because if I didn’t experiment with those products, I wouldn’t have learned what works best for me.

I have used Aloe Vera juice, jojoba oil, castor oil, olive oil, Shea Butter, various leave-in conditioners for moisturizing my hair…all at the same time #yikes! My hair still was not manageable as it would get dry. I did this because others did and it never worked. All it did was leave wet marks on my pillow case and my office chair! #Yikes.

I even tried the L.O.C method of moisturizing my hair because I saw it on YouTube. It means Liquid (water), Oil and Cream…that did not work for me. I wondered what the problem was and finally realized. It was using oil! My hair hates detests oil. Oil is my hair’s worst enemy. I cannot emphasize that enough. While some people can wash their hair and apply oil to their hair and expect it to be moisturized, my hair turns to crackers #crunchy.

Now my routine is simpler! After washing, all I use is any of my favorite leave-in conditioners and raw Shea Butter #TeamSheaButter. However, to contradict myself, I want to let you know that my hair only tolerates oil if it is mixed with Shea Butter…mixed by hands of gold. I believe it must be mixed by someone who knows what the heck they are doing. I have tried to mix oils with my Shea Butter before but my hair hated it. There is one Shea Butter mixture that I use whenever I can find it. I buy it from a salon and its so good. I will share this with you soon when I can find and buy it again. All I can say to Oil is…”Do you hate me or not?!”

Now that my moisturizing routine is simpler, my hair is happier and so am I. Hope this helped.

Always me,


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