The Power of Shrinkage!

Hello World!

I would like to talk to you about the power of Shrinkage. All I am trying to say is kinky hair shrinks! This happens mostly when water touches it. The amount of shrinkage differs among naturals and I do not know why (never googled this before). Today I have decided to use my sister as the hair model of the day. This is because she always complains that her hair shrinks so much. We went natural on the exact same day and our hair grows at a similar rate. We have trimmed our hair at certain times and different ways so the length may or may not differ. We have never really done proper length checks though. Anyway, back to shrinkage.

After she washed her hair, I approached her with measuring tape and a camera. This is what we saw:

20130316-083333.jpg #Wowza

You can see that her hair is about 3.5 inches long in the picture. This is her hair in its shrunken state. Now see how long her hair is when stretched:

20130316-083801.jpg #DoubleWowza

20130316-142455.jpg #CloseUp

Now do you see what I mean? How the heck did 3.5 inches jump to 11 inches? #magic. Shrinkage should be nothing to complain of. It’s better to embrace it. I love how people are surprised when the actual length of kinky hair is revealed. Also, I love the fact that so many hairstyles can be done and that different lengths can be achieved on different days. I have learned to embrace my shrinkage.

It’s incredible how 3.5 inches of kinky hair can achieve this:

20130316-084533.jpg #SweetStretch

Hope this helps 🙂

Always me,



  1. For me, this is the most interesting post. This is basically because, “shrinkage” gives me more concern and sometimes gets me very discouraged about keeping it natural all d way. First of all, it’s very consoling to know that many people go thru this undesired ordeal, but good enough that there is a way out for shrinkage, which is “stretching”.
    Not until I discovered the amazing wonders of a simple stretch, I had not known the joy of maintaining a good, healthy natural hair. Today, my hair rocks. Tnx Sandeey,

  2. still dont understand why i have dis nonsense shrinkage. loooool. cant wait for it to get longer so that i can finally stretch it. Like i said, your hair is longer than my own. www. jealous.daz all… looool

    • Look here this Sis of mine, you can see the 11plus inches you have. Mine is 10! The tape doesn’t lie! Loool. But your shrinkage…wow! Hahahahaha

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