How Do You Comb Your Hair?

Hey World,

Everywhere I go, people ask me how I comb my hair. Believe me, before I became natural, I thought kinky hair could not be combed. This was partly because I remember the pains I went through as a child when my hair was being combed #horror.

With extensive research on detangling tools, I use three types.

20130316-103156.jpg #SweetDetanglingTools

The first (from the left) in the picture is called a Denman Brush. I modified it by removing some of the bristles and it works well. The second is a big comb which glides through my kinky hair easily. However, the third is my favorite! It’s a detangling brush for tackling knots. Kinky hair has a way of tying itself up into knots.

20130316-103916.jpg #SweetBrushOfMine

Ever since I started using this, my hair detangles in minutes! I find it easier to stretch my hair and style. I also notice I don’t have as many knots as I used to. No going back. This one is the best for my hair.

I only comb/brush my hair after washing, when my hair is damp and pampered with a leave-in conditioner and Shea Butter. So I guess I detangle my hair once a week because that is how often I wash it. Through the picture below, and the use of my sister the hair model of the week, I will explain how I comb/brush my kinky hair.

20130316-105009.jpg #EasyBrushing

If you notice, I start brushing (gently) from the ends of my hair, and work my way up to the roots. When I see people trying to comb kinky hair from the roots to ends, I cringe at the horrific act. How would that possibly work? You’ll hear things like “the hair is too hard to comb” or “the hair breaks comb” after such an attempt. Why wouldn’t it break combs when the technique being used is wrong? Why don’t you detangle the ends first? Wouldn’t that obviously help? I’m glad I learned this.

Some people do not bother using combs and use their fingers instead. They say it leads to less breakage. Well for MY hair, it just leads to hours and hours of detangling and more knots. Maybe I tried it with the wrong technique but I don’t really care. As long as my hair is still healthy and growing, my brush and I are inseparable #BFF.

Go and get yourself a BFF whether its a brush, comb or your fingers! I hope I have helped.

Always me,



  1. great post 🙂 I’ve been wanting to get a tangle teezer for a while now (esp with all the hype on yt) but thought it’d rip my hair out haha. If it works for your texture, I think it might work for mine too (my hair isn’t as thick/coarse as yours). Thanks for sharing, I’ll get me one and see how my hair likes it 😀

  2. Wow. You make it seem so easy. when my hair is due, its beyond horrible to comb. I always use a hot brush or if one isn’t available. I just brush the surface. I can’t wait to try out maintaining natural hair. P.S I did cut my hair to a managable extent in January. I want to be applying Kuza hair cream. Do you think it will help the hair grow faster and natural quicker?

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