Hair Regimen 1: How I Wash My Hair



Hi there,

As you must already know, I do not go to salons to get my hair done. I do it all myself. Why? Because I only trust my hands to get my hair to waist length! Over the weekend, I washed my hair and took pictures during the process to make it very clear to you guys how I actually do it. Here it goes.

In the past, I used to part my hair in sections and wash a section at a time.

20130316-134912.jpg #SweetParts

Well, this became time consuming as my hair grew longer so now I just wash the whole hair at once. I begin by pouring a lot of warm water on my hair and massaging my scalp. After this, I apply my shampoo (peep my shampoo in the first picture) and wash away.

20130316-135355.jpg #WashingAway

After I feel my scalp is clean, I pour more warm water and wash the shampoo off. Immediately after, I use my deep conditioner.

20130316-135525.jpg #ConditionerInMyEye

On a normal day, I wear a shower cap and let the conditioner sit in my hair for a while but I was feeling a bit lazy. I massage the deep conditioner in for five minutes and rinse it all off with cold water. And voila! My hair is clean. I use a towel to wrap my hair for 10 seconds (no rigorous rubbing) to soak excess water.

I stepped out in the sun to take a few pictures for you guys.

20130316-135937.jpg #ThatsMe

You can see I took close pics so you can see how my hair looks. However, I had an old twist-out before I washed my hair and didn’t detangle. My true texture can be seen clearly when I detangle before washing. I guess another time I will capture that.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on steps I take after washing.

Hope I helped.

Always me,


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