Hair Regimen 2- Post Washing



Hello Everyone,

I recently told you how I wash my hair and now, I will let you know what I do immediately after with the aid of pictures. Note that this process usually takes 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the style I am prepping for. If I want to carry a bun or any other type of up-do, this is what I do.

While my hair is still damp (but not dripping wet), I moisturize my hair a section at a time.

20130316-231937.jpg #ChunkySection

Then, I apply a little leave-in conditioner and raw Shea Butter to the section.

20130316-232117.jpg #FingerTipSize

Next, I gently detangle with my brush until the section is fully detangled.


20130316-232247.jpg #PeepTheShrinkage

After detangling the section, I twist it.

20130316-232504.jpg #LaTwist

I do this to the rest of my hair and I’m done.

20130316-232556.jpg #AllTwistedUp

When my hair dries, I style my hair in an up-do. I usually do this on Saturdays especially if I do not plan to step out. However, if I must step out, I either scarf it up or go ahead with my planned up-do. The hair is usually still a bit damp when I do that but dries before the day is over #SortOf. I don’t mind because the style keeps my hair stretched and leaves no room for excessive shrinkage.

Note: To prepare for a twist-out, I usually make smaller twists and it takes about an hour (more if I’m watching TV) #WorthMyTime.

Hope this has helped.

Always me,



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