Natural Streaks?!

Hey World,

What color is my hair? I ask myself this question all the time. When my hair was relaxed, I knew my hair wasn’t black but I blamed the relaxer for giving me brown hair. The kind of brown I’m referring to is the sort that looks red under the sun #WhateverThatMeans. But now, I have to think twice about that logic.

Well I recently took a picture of my hair before stepping out and this is what I saw:

20130320-200315.jpg #FreakyStreaks

Can someone please tell me what type of trickery this is? Did my camera play a prank on me? Did the Sun? Well something must be up because I see brown streaks. I wonder what color people see when they look at my hair. I see black most times but I have never seen brown streaks.

Enough of the ranting…

Always me,


2 thoughts on “Natural Streaks?!

  1. Please were do I get curl smoothie and argan oil,am in abuja and keep my hair natural,its a thug of war combing it.. Thanks

    1. Hi Ese,
      You can get the curl smoothie from The Nail Bar on Monrovia Street, Wuse II. As for the other product, it was sent from Canada. I don’t thinki have seen it here. Thanks for reading!

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