Product Review- Hair Masque

Hello World,

Yesterday was wash day and I told you I would try a new product…and I did. I used this one:

20130323-115516.jpg #IntenseHydratingMasque

Well, the instruction given was to use the Masque after washing and leave it on for 5 minutes…I did:

20130323-115745.jpg #LaMasque

While this product was on my hair, I noticed my hair was getting harder. Hmm I was surprised because I expected a different result. Instead of my hair becoming softer, it felt like crackers! I was so angry. I do not know what ingredient in certain products causes this cracker-like feel because it has happened before. I guess this product is just not for me. I won’t give up! I will test it in another way next weekend.

Well I came out to take a picture after I rinsed my hair

20130323-121045.jpg #SweetKinky

I put my hair in medium-sized twists to let it dry.

20130323-121336.jpg #TwistedMe

In my next post, you’ll see les results of les twists #FrenchMode

Always me,



  1. haha your anger at the results came through in your post. I gather that certain alcohols/alcohol derivatives (eg glycols) are drying to hair, maybe you got some in there? But hey, you’ve been at this for a while now (hehe I’m looking up to you :D) and you’ve found products that work for you (based on your previous posts). I’d stick with what my hair loves, unless you’re thinking of switching up products? don’t fix it if it ain’t broken 😉
    Meanwhile, those twists are banging! ❤ I'm having serious hair envy right now 😀
    Rock on sister 🙂

    • Hahaha. Thanks so much. That makes a lot of sense! I have really found what works for me but I have product lying around which I haven’t tested. I guess it’s the product junkie in me working 🙂 plus the product looked attractive and I was tempted! Lol

  2. just read the product description and it’s supposed to help repair dry, damaged or chemically treated hair? Your beautiful hair doesnt fall into any of these categories! Products with such claims usually contain proteins and/or silicones that are supposed to fill up (repair) broken or damaged protein bonds in the hair follicles (proteins) and/or coat the hair follicles (silicones) to make hair stronger. If this is the case, maybe you coated your undamaged hair with stuff it didnt need? Hence the extra strength? Hehe the nerd in me just had to analyse *taking off glasses and switching phone off, will resume stalking (hides face) your blog tomorrow * 😀

    • Hahaha@ stalking. Please continue! I love this explanation. I won’t be using this Masque anymore. I will give it out to someone to test and give me feedback on the results. Thanks so much for your contribution!

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