Saturday Night Twists

Hi Everyone,

I want to share the results of my medium-sized twists I made on Saturday after washing my hair.


I twisted my hair with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie because I love how my hair feels after using it:

20130324-113314.jpg #SweetProduct

I had to step out in the evening and luckily, my hair had completely dried. Over time, I’ve noticed that large twists are problematic when it comes to drying. It takes so long! I guess I’ll keep putting my hair in medium-sized twists. I decided to step out with my hair in a twist-out. This is what it looked like:

20130324-002726.jpg #TwistedFun

Hope you like it.

Always me,



  1. Does blow drying cut ur hair cos my hair is very hard and that’s the only I can comb it but it seems to cut my hair

    • Hi May,
      It depends on the technique you use in blow drying. I am still a “learner” when it comes to that. I only comb my hair once a week when I wash. The rest of the week, my hair’s in some sort of style that doesn’t require combing. Try combing when your hair is damp and you’ve applied a leave-in. Let me know the results!

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