I Am Monday’s Hair (Part 1)

Hey World,

I need to let you know how Sandeey styled me yesterday (Monday) to work.

It all began on Saturday night after Sandeey rocked me in Saturday Night Twists . Before she slept, she re-twisted me, to maintain the style. Sunday came and she scarfed me up to Church. She didn’t bother to unravel me. Later that day, she put me in Bendy Rollers #Woohoo.

20130325-184155.jpg #SweetBendy

She slept with me like that. I don’t know how she did it but it didn’t disturb her sleep. On Monday morning, she removed the Bendies, unraveled me and thought: “What next?”

20130325-184740.jpg #4ShadesOfTwist

How do you think she will style me? Wait to find out! 🙂

Always me,
Sandeey My Hair



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