30 Minutes of Thursday

Hi Everyone,

Remember I showed you how I wore my hair from Monday to Thursday? Well I decided to change it up before wash day…which I shifted from Saturday to Monday. This is just for this week because I want to rest. I’m so happy it’s a long weekend 🙂 #Easter.

20130328-222301.jpg #Summary

So you can see I freed my hair from the shackles of pompadour and bun and decided to twist and curl it. A reminder from Nerdy Nella, a faithful reader of my posts, made me dig out my Aloe Vera gel to try. It’s been a while since I used it for my twists. I was ready to see whether it would make my hairstyle well-defined and fight the evil Humidity Fairy and Frizz Queen…They Who Should Not Be Named.

Anyway, next to the Aloe Vera gel, you can see my Curl Enhancing Smoothie, which has been previously reviewed and a spray bottle filled with water, to help moisturize my hair. Do you notice there’s no comb or brush in the pictures? That’s because I don’t use them if I am not washing my hair #HandsOnly.

I know you’ve noticed my squeezed face in one of the pictures…I made that face because I almost changed my mind. I wanted to just bun it up and rest. Oh well, things I do for this blog #Passion.

So, I twisted my hair…medium size. I first sprayed a bit of water on each section, then rubbed a little Smoothie and Aloe Vera Gel.

20130328-223626.jpg #NoteTheAmount

Then, I proceeded to twist. I decided to roll the ends with plastic curling rods like this:

20130328-223917.jpg #DitchedMyBendies

Well this is how I spent 30 minutes of my Thursday evening. I will show you the results later. Hope I helped 🙂

P.S: Although I have a simple routine of using Leave-In Conditioner and Shea Butter, I still have products lying around so I use them once in a while. I guess it keeps it exciting. Your choice!

Ps: If you haven’t already peeked, take time to go through my look book

Always me,



    • Hi. Sorry I’m replying late. For some reason, I found this in Spam!

      I don’t have any video on that but feel free to ask anything. I will give you as much info as I can. Thanks

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