Les Results of 30 Minutes of Thursday!

Hey World,

Yesterday, I wrote this exact post but guess what? I accidentally deleted it #sob. I decided to wait till today to repost it. I was so upset because I could not remember exactly what I wrote. I doubt any of you saw the post because immediately I posted it, I touched the delete button by mistake. My iPad does not forgive and so, I must rewrite.

Anyway, my post about how I spent 30 Minutes of Thursday described the products I used to twist my hair. Aloe Vera gel was one of them and I must say that it worked! It kept the annoying irritating Frizz Queen She Who Must Not Be Named at a minimum. I was happy with the results and will certainly be using more of it.

Here are some pictures of the les results.

20130330-095347.jpg #CurlCoilCurl

I know you must be tired of my background being the same but hey, I take pics immediately I style my hair for you to see it in its fresh state. Well you can also see I added a few pics with different backgrounds!

Looking at the pics, I can see I need to put more effort into taking care of my edges #stubborn. I need to moisturize it more often so that it can actually retain length #stunted-growth

Always me,

P.s: A lady told me she loved my hair and further asked me if I added any extensions. Hmmm. Before, I would have thought she was silly for asking but now I don’t blame her. I recently heard about a line of kinky hair weaves and saw how real they looked (Heat Free Hair) #lovely. So now, whenever I’m asked, I won’t be surprised!


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