Tale from the Crypt


Hey World,

I’ve got a goose bump-generating, chills-multiplying, nail-biting, hair-raising, horrific, tale from the crypt! #Yikes.

I won’t start at the beginning of the story because it would be too long. I will however start at the scary part!

“…I walked into the tomb and I can’t recall why. I took a deep breath and the combined stench of acid, burning flesh and scented sadness made my eyes water. The fear set in and I wondered to myself; ‘what am I doing here?’. I walked further in and to my left was a woman. She looked at me and smiled but I quickly looked away. I couldn’t watch as she drowned her victim in white acid. I heard the screams but nobody seemed to notice what was going on. Further and further were more victims; some blasted by hell-worthy heat and others with small-toothed weapons of mass destruction. A voice cried out ‘spare me from those claws, I don’t deserve this’. I felt sorry for them but I was helpless. In my confusion, I turned around and started leaving. Before I could reach the exit, a cold hand gripped me and said, ‘Welcome to the Tomb, where all come to die!’…”

The End.

I’m sure some of you understand this story but for those who don’t, it’s just an exaggerated tale of my visits to hair salons in the past. Let me translate the terms used in the tale:

Tomb- Salon
White Acid– Relaxer
Victim– Hair
Hell-worthy heat – blow dryer
Small-toothed weapons of mass destruction– small toothed combs
Claws– finger nails (when washing hair)
Where all come to die“- where hair comes to die.

I’m not saying all hair salons are bad but not everyone cares for your hair the way you can! Not everyone knows you want to achieve waist length hair. Not everyone knows its even possible for kinky hair to do that. Except you see such a hair stylist that cares, stay away!

P.s: Reaching my goal of waist-length hair would prove to me and others that taking care of kinky hair will lead to length retention. I have never had waist-length hair in my life so nobody can tell me “it’s because you have long hair in your genes”.

Hope you enjoyed my post!

Always me,



  1. Love it Sandra! Such a nice connection you have made here….Just love how you have associated your story with the salon! Keep up the good work!

  2. i love it alot…. hahahaha @ hell worthy heat and small toothed weapons of mass destruction…LOL you wont kill me. what will you call the injuries caused from the white acid? ….LOL… bone chilling…..ewwwwwwww

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