Frustrated Hair

Arrrgh! Why did I start like this? Well I just remembered how mad I was at myself on Sunday! Now that I’ve calmed down… Hello World 🙂

On Sunday, I got the case of “no idea” syndrome! The previous night (Saturday), I had washed my hair and set it in twists. I had no idea what I wanted to do the next day and decided an idea would come that day. Well Sunday came and I put my hair in a bun for church. I wasn’t so happy because despite all the gel I put on my edges, they refused to sleep! #WhySoStubborn? Well I covered my edges up with a scarf and went to Church. I have no pics to show you…for your safety #seriously.

After Church was over, I wanted to step out for some munch time. I didn’t want to wear a scarf so I decided to restyle my hair. I tried several styles and for some reason, none looked good. I don’t know where bad hair days come from but I’m convinced they come from nowhere good! #hmmph.

Well, what did I end up doing? A hairstyle that was strange to me. I just gave up and let the hair style itself. I have no feelings about this hairstyle but it served its purpose that day. Thank goodness that day has passed!


I’m sure you can guess, from an old post, what style I tried to recreate #Fail. What do you guys think?

Still shaking my head.

Always me,


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