Protect Your Kinks!

G’day World,

I want to discuss protective styling with you. Protective styles are those styles which see that the ends of your hair are tucked in and protected from either the weather, your hands or whatever. I don’t know if this is an accurate definition but this is what it means to me. A lot of naturals have seen that this aids in length retention. However, you must still make sure your hair is always moisturized. If braiding, make sure it isn’t tight because you will probably mess up your edges #Alopecia.

Examples of protective styling:

20130329-114411.jpg #Yove

Pictures of my sister reveals her hair in twists. She has her hair in twists 90 percent of the time compared to my 10 percent. This way, she has been able to retain so much length (11Inches). However, she washes her hair herself and treats it like an egg so I say this contributes to length retention. She stays away from tight hair and her hair stylist (mine as well) is the only one who touches our hair when we need to braid. We had to teach the stylist how to take care of our hair when braiding and how NOT to use small combs to detangle our hair before braiding. With this stylist, our hair has stayed healthy!

More examples:

20130329-115713.jpg #WithExtensions

20130329-115753.jpg #AllMyHair

20130329-115828.jpg #StillAllMyHair

20130329-120501.jpg #MillionShadesOfProtection

You can see I protect my hair a lot but my favorite styles are actually Bantu knot-outsand twist-outs. I actually find my hair tangling more when I do these styles, so I try not to wear my hair out too often.

The style you choose to protect your hair in is totally up to you. The keyword is ‘protect’.

Have fun with your hair and hope I helped!

Always me,



  1. hi Ibilola! trust me if you follow and read my sister’s blog (sandeey) judiciously, you will end up having lovely locks. so dont be afraid. there is no harm in trying like sandeey says… wats the worst that could happen…relaxing the hair if you are not happy?. (i cringe at the word “relaxer”) looool. :). we are loving our nappy locks. it gives one some sense of freedom. you wont understand until you try it. 😉

  2. Hi Adaora, i used the Noble branded kinky hair extensions. They are quite softer than the Supreme branded Kinky hair extensions. (i have used both, so im comfortable with the Noble one). The Noble hair extension is a bit cheaper than the supreme…. However my sister and i discovered another one online called “Marley Braids hair extensions”. i hear they are way softer than the above two ive mentioned and they are longer in length. Dont know if there are any in Nigeria, maybe lagos will have some. Anyways i have asked my mom to send us some (she is our generous wonderful supplier of natural hair products and we LOVE her so dearly….LOL) once we try it, my sis will give you guys a review.

    Please note: the noble hair extension does not come out long in length so you need to let the person doing your braids know what length you desire so that she can stretch the kinks or not.

    Hope that was helpful. 🙂 cheerio

    • Thanks hair is at an awkward stage so I really have to use extensions at the moment. That helped a lot. Thank u.

  3. hello ladies,
    Your hair looks really healthy. I would like to put my hair in braid/twist extensions but I am scared to use the wrong braider (most are not willing to adjust to the needs of natural hair). Can you recommend your braider? You will be saving my life,lol, so your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Kofo

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