The Adventures of UMIN and HAIR!


“Fibre Texture” Written by Umin

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be happy with my hair, the way I have been in the past one and a half years.

People say, “a woman’s hair adds beauty to her appearance”. #Granted! But I’ll like to say “GOOD HAIR adds beauty to a woman’s appearance.”

Relaxing my hair was more or less a convention and I ask, is it really necessary to perm our natural kinks?. Back then, I would shave off my dead relaxed hair and begin all over again. This meant going through the whole process of growing it natural, only to destroy it with chemicals, being dissatisfied with the outcome and shaving it off again.



In my depression, I asked “would I go through this cycle forever?” I thought well, I would just give up and go natural.

Natural it has been all the way! A journey that began as a result of disappointment, has led to lots of fulfillment. More fulfillment came when I was able to identify my hair texture (fibre texture -ever soft- Type 4c). I realized that in the past, I had been doing more harm to my hair by adding chemicals to soften already soft hair!

20130407-112733.jpg #Shaved

20130406-114849.jpg #KinkyLady

20130406-114843.jpg #Naturalista

Today, I have been able to attain healthy looking hair and length in one and a half years, that many years of relaxing my hair never gave me.


My advice: Identify your texture, pamper ur texture, rock your texture!

The End

SANDEEY: #woohoo! So glad Umin is enjoying her hair. Rock on lady! A lot of us are behind you. #NaturalSolidarity

Always me,
Sandeey Umin



  1. i love this post… ur addy frm……wat do u advice? transitioning? or chopping it all off?… hair is fully relaxed(did dat 2weeks ago)….wud b expecting a reply frm u sandy,thanks… in abuja too

    • Hi Chinwe!!! My advice to you is to first transition. Maybe like a few months or even a year. Use the time to learn how to take care of your hair then big chop when you are ready! 🙂 hope this helps

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