Watch it Grow: March-May 2011

Hey World

I’m starting a short series of Posts in pics called ‘Watch It Grow’. I came across pics of my hair from March 2011. That was the month after my Big Chop. So for today, you get to see a bit of March to May 2011.

20130407-121427.jpg #March2011

Ha! See me checking the length of my hair. I couldn’t wait for long hair. I played with my hair daily when it wasn’t in braids. I guess I was fascinated with my hair…still am. Natural hair was really a mystery to me then.

20130407-121816.jpg #April2011

Still not much of a difference but I started experimenting with hairstyles I learned from YouTube. And yup I was still checking the length to see what my hair could do in a month!

20130407-122326.jpg May2011

I’d like to believe there was some sort of unnoticeable growth 🙂 haha @ my eyebrows in every pic!

June – August 2011 will be posted soon. Take care of yourselves!

Always me,


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