The Search For a New Regimen: The Results

Hi World,

Here are the results of my search for a new regimen.

On Sunday morning, I sprayed my ends with water and rubbed my almond oil whipped Shea Butter to lock in the moisture. I kept my hair in twists all day…

20130407-144550.jpg #YesIDid

…and unraveled them on Monday morning. This is what I saw!

20130408-092612.jpg #Yippeee

The ends were well behaved and were not frizzy. I was so excited!

The Verdict: This is my regimen and I’m sticking to it…for now! I will continue with this regimen and see how my hair behaves. I will certainly be telling you if anything goes wrong. I’m so happy the search was short!

Special thanks to Nsa Dada

Hope I helped…

Always me,

P.S: I had a dream last night that I achieved waist length hair…why not now?? Patience is not easy! #sob



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