Hair of the Week

Halo World,

TGIF #cartwheels! Well it’s obvious I’m happy that Friday’s here. After my super moisturized results from my search for a new regimen, I decided not to leave my hair out this week. I chose the protective styling option: The Dinosaur. That’s what the hairstyle reminds me of…don’t ask. Well I’ve had it since Monday…though I made a slightly unnoticeable change from Tuesday… and I can say it served me well. Here are Monday’s pics:

20130408-092102.jpg #Monday

20130409-222015.jpg #DinoTuesday

I don’t know if any of you can see the difference… I found an easier way to accomplish the style. Plus I decided my pompadour needed to reach for the skies #TallHairDontCare. Guess what! Tuesday’s style is now my fav.

It seems like I keep repeating this style or rather, some version of it. I wonder if it is now my ultimate favorite! Lazy me, I guess it is because the style is too easy to do!

I won’t bore you with more pictures because it remained the same all week..Boring for me but good for my hair.

Tomorrow is wash day so I will repeat the new whipped Shea Butter regimen and let you know if I still get the same results!

Always me,


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