Fatigue Friday

Hey World!

What did you do Friday night? I know most of you were out having fun. Wanna know what I did? Well, this was me last night…

20130412-230548.jpg #TiredMuch

As you can guess, I was beat. I got home from work and unraveled the Dino Hair. I thought of washing my hair but that strength was not present. It was somewhere in the Bahamas taking a vacation! Wish I could’ve joined it #MissYouStrength #sob. So rather than washing, I saturated my hair with almond oil after spraying some water. Then I held it in a puff…or is that a pineapple? Hmm. Anyway, you can see for yourselves in the pics.

Why the almond oil? I used it as a pre-poo (part of my new regimen). My hair needs all the oil it can get before washing with shampoo. I have started using a new shampoo, which I will share with you later. My strength hasn’t returned but when it does, I will drown my hair with water…I will wash it 🙂 Well, back to sleep for me.

Ciao for now 🙂

Always me,


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