How Does Your Hair Sleep at Night?

Hiya doing everyone!

How does your hair sleep at night? Does it wear a SATIN CAP? Or a HAIR NET? Or does it go COMMANDO? #hehe

20130412-234444.jpg #HairPyjamas

Special thanks to my sleep models, SENA Reinl (satin cap) and Nuellababy (hair net)! They did a great job!

Well, I use the satin cap to sleep. I find that it keeps my hair in place and protects it from breakage. When I sleep on a cotton pillowcase, without my satin cap, it dries out the moisture in my kinks, causing it to break during the night. In the past, I would wake up everyday to see broken strands on my pillow #Nightmare. Even when I used hair nets back in the past, I got the same results.

20130413-085403.jpg #Scarf

Apart from my satin cap, I use satin scarves as well (as you can see above). But this is not the best option for me because it has the tendency to unravel in the middle of the night. This causes me to wake up and put it back #Annoying. But for now, that is what I have been wearing! I can’t find my satin cap #TearsOnMyPillow. It was gifted by Umin. Thanks Umin 🙂 I will find it soon.

Another option I haven’t tried yet is the satin pillow case. I would love to try that option so that my hair can go COMMANDO without breakage! #woohoo

Hope I helped.

Always me



  1. ..there is so much improvement in the fullness and growth of my hair. Thanks to my ” satin hair pyjamas” Thanks Sandeey! for putting me in the news… I’ve finally become popular.

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