The Adventures of ABIES and HAIR!


Hello All!! I must say that my hair and I are honored to be featured on Sandeey’s blog especially as she was my inspiration to start growing out my natural hair 🙂 :).

I’ve been growing out my hair since August 2010 and I did my bc (big chop) in May 2011. Since then, my hair has not seen the chemical weapon a.k.a relaxer….lol.

When I started growing out my hair, I used all/any product I could get my hands on- which was bad for my hair, but along the line, I found what my hair loves and I’ve stuck with it.



I wash my hair with village fresh black soap ( yes I said black soap). For some reason, it works well for my hair. After the first wash, I use keracare hair cleansing cream, leave it on for 5mins before washing it out and then use same keracare leave-in conditioner. I towel dry my hair, even though it takes a while but it is safer than using hair dryer unless you use cool air. When my hair is dry, I part it as much as I can with my hands and use castor oil on my scalp and my edges. Then I use keracare butter cream- wonderful moisturizer that my hair is addicted to and I’m good to go!
Styling my hair is not always easy and I must say that I miss my hair being shorter even though I want very long hair; it was easier for me when it was short because I could just sport a lil Afro, or pin up the sides. But let me share one of my recent easy hair styles.


After washing my hair as I said above, I part the front and weave both sides (sometimes its bigger than it is in the picture or sometimes I just do ‘didi’). Anyways, after weaving the sides, I twist the Remaining part of my hair with Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie (another product my hair loves). I leave it for at least 24hrs or when it dries, whichever happens first (this is because I don’t want to use hot hair dryer to dry my hair). When it’s dried, I take the twists out and then…let the pictures show u what it looks like.

The first style is to loosen the twists. I parted out the front and did a mo-hawk and just let the rest be. I carried out like this for three days; I always use my Keracare moisturizer to keep my hair safe.

After three days of carrying it out, I just pack it up and do a side mo-hawk… this I can carry for another three days.

Lastly, I wrap it in a bun. Mo-hawk is still in place when I put the hair up, I wrapped two bendy rollers around it (u can use as many as u want or less depending on how big or small u want the bun to be) then wrap my hair around it to make the bun.


My advice for care of natural hair, is to treat your hair with tender loving care. Try not to over indulge your hair with different products, and try not to touch it ALL the time. Keep your hair away from heat such as flat irons; if you want to dry your hair with a hair dryer, keep it on cool air- yes it will take longer, but it’s safer than using the hot air to dry your hair. Don’t forget to always moisturize!!!

Sandeey: yay! I have seen hairstyles to steal! Very creative. I’m so glad about your decision to go natural! Glad you were here!

Always me,
Sandeey Abies


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