Product Review: Selsun Blue Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

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Hey World,

This is the shampoo I have been been using lately. I have used it to wash my hair 3 times now and I must say, I am sticking to it.

The reason I use it is because I have a scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis. It is like dandruff but worse! There is absolutely no cure #bawl #sob. My scalp itches like crazy and the usual dandruff remedies do nothing for my scalp. Feel free to google it please. I surfed the net and found options for me that included using shampoos with certain ingredients to contain it. Hence, the shampoo. Both shampoos have different active medical ingredients to help my itchy, flaky scalp which are Selenium Sulfide Lotion and Pyrithione Zinc. Right now I am using the one with the Selenium.


The instructions say that it is more effective when used twice a week…are you kidding me? Twice? My hair? My kinky hair? Obviously, the creator has no idea what my hair is like. I cannot go through wash day twice a week. So, I’m using it once a week and I must say that it’s been alright for me in comparison with other shampoos. I definitely know that twice a week would help better but I will stick to my weekly routine.

On Saturday morning, I decided to wash my hair. Usually, the shampoo strips my hair dry so I decided to not only pre-poo with Almond Oil (Friday night), but to add oil to a bucket full of warm water. This was the water I used to rinse off my shampoo. The instructions said I should shampoo, leave on for a few minutes, rinse off and then repeat. Since this strips my hair of every oily substance, adding oil to my rinsing water seemed like the best plan. You know what? It worked. My hair was super soft throughout. It was like magic to me. I will continue doing that…forever…if I can help it! Afterwards, I applied deep conditioner and rinsed off with cool water. I did not add oil to the cold water though. I wasn’t planning to fry eggs on my hair #DryJoke #hehe.

So that was it for wash day.

For those of you who know about seborrheic dermatitis or have seen a dermatologist or googled and realized that you may have the same problem, I recommend this product. No they didn’t pay me to say that…I wish. Hope I helped!

Always me,
seborrheic dermatitis Sandeey



    • Hey, I haven’t but I don’t see myself trying it. Although I’m interested in seeing the results. Have you tried? If so,please share what happened! Thanks 🙂

  1. no i avnt……….bin researching on what product to use and i found carlo’s daughters heard there are good,ordered thier sample kit will let you know if leaves up to its name

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