Twists and Bun…

Hey World,

I’ve got some pics for you. My hair made up its mind on how it wanted to look from Sunday evening. Last Saturday, it decided to take me on an adventure full of twists and a bun! I went out like this…

20130415-231033.jpg #TwistsandBun

I actually started twisting my hair in front and wanted to eventually twist my whole hair like…

20130415-231339.jpg #AsIf

Then my arms said to me…“twist one more section and I’ll make sure I tear myself away from you and go attach to someone who won’t overwork me!”.

Well I listened. I stopped right away and put the rest of my damp hair in a bun. When I got back home that evening, I decided to take down my bun and put the hair in big twists. When I loosened my hair, I styled it like this…

20130415-231832.jpg #SunMonday

I liked this hairstyle and will be doing this again pretty soon. People at work loved it too. I guess they were relieved when I didn’t walk in with my Dino hair! #hehe. They should brace themselves because love it or hate it, the Dino is going nowhere…

Hope you like 🙂

Always me,


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