The Adventures of MATILDA and HAIR!


Peculiar case of Matilda…written by Matilda

The reason for my transition to natural hair was because I was tired of using relaxers! I used to relax my hair every 3 months.I noticed my hair was getting too weak so I decided to retouch every 4 months, then it went to every 6months, etc. At this point I was already confused because my hair was scanty and I was seriously loosing my hairline plus I wasn’t gaining length,though i had an average length, it remained like that for years. I have a very sensitive hairline and each time I braided or applied relaxers, it went off completely. In those days, I would relax and braid my hair the same day! That caused great damage to my hair.

Then one day I was complaining to my friend (Sandeey) that i didn’t know what to do and she advised that I stop applying relaxers and let my hair grow. That sounded great because I was only applying relaxers twice a year and nobody ever got to see my hair, due to the massive loss of my frontline, (main reason why I don’t have a photo of that phase). At this time I admired her hair so much and I wanted to see what my natural hair would look like. Also, I wanted to move away from the norm. I learned some hair regimens from Sandeey and began to really take good care of my hair.


I still maintain my regimen despite that I have gained some length. I pour some extra virgin olive oil in a spray bottle, add some water and shake, I spray this on my hair just before I wash, then I part my hair into sections for easy handling. Afterwards I put some conditioner in the hair before I wash with black soap, as I have realised shampoo makes my hair dry and coarse. The African black soap makes my hair softer and shinier. I then rinse it out and apply my leave in conditioner after which I apply my natural shea butter and other hair products to help moisturize, then I do a protective style which is usually two strand twist-outs.

I must say my most challenging part is styling as I seem to be alone in this challenge. Most of the styles or tutorials I get to see online are not for me because I have a damaged hairline that am trying to repair and so packing my hair away from my face is not possible for now. I wish people with similar challenges can come out in the open so we could share ideas on how to improve the growth of our hairlines. Though some say little or nothing can be done if its natural but I think something can be done as mine is gradually growing back. All u need to do is pamper it. Stop exposing it to heat and tight braids, always moisturise and most of all be patient don’t expect too much.

I must say thank you Sandeey for all d guidance. I can now guide others who are willing to go natural *wink*. I am loving every bit of it and I hope to reach my target soon, I have been natural for 1year and 8months by the way.

Sandeey: You’re welcome Matilda! I am so glad you could share this with us. I really do hope more people who have major hair loss at their edges can come out and rub minds for solutions. Then again, you have started! Great job and your hair is doing well! Good luck on your journey!

Always me,
Sandeey Matilda



  1. Good on you Matilda 😀 I’m happy to see a lot of us accept and nurture our hair the way God created it.

    I’ve also got fine edges (not due to hair-loss though, it’s just the way my hair is), and I find that castor oil helps some. I think you are doing a good job of protecting your edges and I like your attitude (patience and not expecting too much) towards your situation :).

    I also think your styles are cute. Maybe do more styles with bangs, so your scarf is on/over your bangs and not directly rubbing on your front hairline? My fave style is a scarfed up puff/updo with a huge bang/roll and pin in front (you can either roll away or towards your forehead) 😀 that way my scarf doesn’t lay on my edges and I don’t pull my hair too tight either. HTH and all the best

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