5 hours later…

Hey World,

I’ll be leaving you all for some time. My hair and I will be going on a little trip. I may say hi if I’m lucky enough to find time to do so. I’ve got some work to do in some places…which I will reveal to you in good time. I was in great need of a protective style which would last for more than a week and I got one. I started styling by 8pm (after washing of course) and 5 hours later (seriously), this was born:

20130420-012034.jpg #TheRealKinky

I had no choice. I almost gave up halfway but I really really…really had no choice. I will be so busy that my hair’s going to have to sit aside for a while. Hopefully, this style will stay put and be patient. Also, I tried out a new hairbrush and it was wonderful. I will let you know all about it when I return.

Always me,

P.S I promise to take pictures and be back here soon!


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