The Adventures of LOWLA and HAIR!


I’ve been relaxing my hair since the age of 6 (if I’m correct) and me being me, I get tired of things a lil faster than other people, lol. My name is Lola or Lowla as a lot of people call me, and my hair has had an amazing journey but the best times have just started.

Fast forward to my 3rd year in Uni, I wanted something new, was tired of the regular weave and me standing infront of the mirror to cut my hair, so I decided to go the dreads way. This however lasted a year coz I wasn’t getting the results I wanted so I took it off. I didn’t know much bout my natural hair then and I was a tad bit impatient so that went off, I went back to relaxing and weave. 2008 Oct, I cut my hair again, the Rihanna hair cut crase had passed its madness peak but was still very much talked about so I thought why not go for it, it looked good on me and I had it on for a year before I got bored again.

Fast forward to June 2011, I was on vacation and part of trip was spent with my cousin in Nashville. She has amazing hair and texturizes like once or twice a year, she looked at me one day and said ‘Baby why don’t you cut your hair off and start growing again, don’t perm it and let’s see how it goes coz its pretty damaged now’. I was scared to do what she said, and this is me who takes a scissors and chops off my hair myself. After that talk I would go on facebook and look at pictures of my friends who had natural hair (Sandeey being one of them). I loved it, it was amazing how they did so much more with their natural hair. Finally one of them who has really full hair and a sexy fro got to me, by September 2011 I stopped relaxing and by March 2012 I cut my hair.

March 2012 felt like a new era for my hair, Sandeey sent me tips on her hair regime, I started mixing my hair products myself, never went on youtube (up till now), I just googled a bunch of things. I didn’t fix a weave or braid my hair till bout 5-6 months later.

I’m lucky coz I have really soft hair but then with that my hair shrinks more than the regular hair and it also didn’t give me the thick fro look that I wanted. So I decided to forget going with the fro and let the hair grow on its own then I saw a picture of Chrisette Michelle, imagine how excited I was, lol. I always said I would cut it but never got around to doing it till Feb 14 2013 and boy do I love my new look. With the hair I have on now, I wash a few times a week (I don’t give myself specific days or how many times a week), I deep condition the front once a week for sure and I cut the back every 2 weeks.


Like I said, the best part of my hair journey has just started. I’ll grow my hair again, I’m thinking I’ll start February 2014 but till then. I wanna shave it off and start again. I love my hair and my motto is this ‘Its Hair, it’ll grow back’. So don’t be scared to try something new with your hair once in a while. If it’ll make you happy, do it.

Sandeey: This is definitely natural hair with attitude! You go girl! Love it! Thanks for featuring on my blog Lowla. You guys remember she featured me right? I just had to have her here. Hope you enjoyed!

Always me,
Sandeey Lowla

Twitter: @Lowla360



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