Hey World,

Let’s step away from hair a bit…

I have a question for myself…Why No Talent For Make-Up? The answer…I have no idea. I’ve tried and tried but it never works out the way I want. Well, here’s someone who has more than enough! I hereby introduce to you, the world’s best kept secret…the talented Julianna, CEO of Brushes & Pencils Ltd!

There’s nothing much I can write because her pictures speak for her talent!







If talent could be stolen, I’d steal hers! #seriously. I’d steal all and leave nothing for her. Lol. Is this some form of sorcery?? #wow! Oh well, I’ll keep practicing #sigh #MakeupEnvy…

If you need a makeover for events or for any reason at all, contact her @…

Blog: (I’ve learned a lot from this blog!)

Instagram: Julie_o13 (that’s the letter o and not zero!)


Pass this on world, your friends may need this too!

I will be contacting her for a makeover very soon and you will all see the results!!

Always me,


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