Put Some Oil In That Water!


Hey World,

I’ve been thinking about my new hair regimen. You know the one that requires me to add Almond oil to my hair before washing?…and a little to my warm water when rinsing off my shampoo? Yeah. That one.

I can’t wait to get home and try it for the 3rd time. The first and second time gave me great results. I wonder who else does this as well. I know that many people pre-poo before shampoo but i’m curious to know about the ‘adding oil to water’ part. I know people do hot oil treatments but that’s different.

If any of you already does this or has done this before, please let me know. Also, if any of you tries it for the first time, please let me know how your hair turns out.

I will try coconut oil next time to see if the results would be just as wonderful!

Always me,



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