Hey World,

It happened.
What happened?
What is it?
What was the temptation?

Is that all?
What else?

So you saw “shampoo” and a hair dryer?
Yes! I was tempted to wash my hair and I did!
With your twists?
Heck yeah! My scalp loves being clean.


After washing, I applied my leave in and Shea Butter…then blow-dried a bit.


Then I re-twisted the front. And now it looks like this…


I’ll choose frizz over a dirty scalp any day, any time!

Always me,
Sandeey in Bata!


11 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. Temptation here too. You are tempting me to cut off all my hair and start afresh. It sucks that the husband would never agree and I have asking for a year now

    1. Hey, you don’t have to cut off all your hair. You can actually transition! You can stop retouching your hair and cut off when you are satisfied with the length of your natural hair. You can even cut after 2 years! 🙂

      1. Will it be the same? I read somewhere that turning relaxed hair natural is much harder to maintain than starting afresh, cos I know how horrid it is to comb my hair when it is due.

      2. Oh no. It’s not like that at all. I will post something soon on transitioning to help. You aren’t turning relaxed hair into natural hair. You are simply growing out your natural hair while your relaxed hair stays at your ends. Combing isn’t a problem. Read my post on combing. Just start and you will find its not a problem

      3. It’s not true. As long as you learn how to properly moisturize and comb your hair, especially the natural part growing out, there’s no problem! Don’t let anyone discourage you. I transitioned for about 9 months and it was not difficult because I learned how to touch and comb my hair gently. Get a spray bottle and put some water, leave-in conditioner and olive oil (or coconut or almond, etc) and spray before combing. Try it

      4. what Sandeey says! or you can grow out your hair and cut off your relaxed ends in bits (say an inch every 2mos) till there’s no more to cut 🙂

        All the best

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