The Adventures of LULU and HAIR!


NO PAIN NO GAIN! By Lulu Falemara

I’m gonna start by sayin ouch!

Yeah girls, that’s how it feels when a comb comes in contact with my super kinky fro. Even growing up, hairdressers would flee at the sight of me. Being biracial is no exception. I have type 4c Hair! Since 2010 after transitioning, it’s been a roller-coaster ride.


Hair relaxers in the past have done me some good in terms of manageability. But if ones hair is not meant to be straight then why take extreme measures of using chemicals likely to cause detrimental effects to your hair/scalp.

Also there’s nothing wrong with faking it. I rock wigs too! (On top of “all back” cornrows )
Being a musician, it saves me from the stress of “pre-gig combing”
Appearance DOES count. I admit that I use an electric hair straightener for some gigs ( just to give that “presentable” look) If I don’t have the time or energy for this then I pull the “house girl” stunt where I just tie my hair anyhow i please with a matching scarf (this can never go wrong).

There are loads of tips out there for managing natural kinky hair . Theres no secret ! It just depends on what works for you and your hair type.
For me anything goes. I just, like to wake up every morning (even on a bad hair day) with no worries.


Sandeey: So much hair! I’m speechless. #HairEnvy #BigHairDontCare. Thanks Lulu for featuring on my blog and giving everyone a chance to see your lovely hair! Everyone should check out the links above and discover this lady’s talent!! #woohoo!

Always me,
Sandeey Lulu


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