True Confession

Hello World,

I have to confess…I’ve been doing something that is not good. Something very bad. I didn’t care before but now I do. I have to beg my hair for forgiveness. Here it goes…

“Forgive me my darling Hair… for what I’ve been doing to you. I’m so sorry that…I’ve been using the wrong kind of scissors to trim you!”.

What were you guys expecting? 🙂

Well I finally got myself some hair scissors.

I read that it isn’t good to use just any random scissors to trim hair. It leads to breakage, blah blah blah. In summary, it isn’t good. I hope I got the right type. It says ‘Barber Scissors’ on it. #shrug. Wish me luck!

My hair in The Gambia! It loved it 🙂

20130502-094959.jpg #CrazyNose

20130502-095058.jpg #EmbracingTheFrizzQueen #DoYourWorst

In Dakar now but headed home soon! Woohoo!

Always me,


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