Do Not Try This At Home…

Hi World!

Guess who’s home! Me duh!

So, I got home yesterday and was so excited about unraveling my twists. Yes…I am still obsessed with my hair. I seriously needed to wash my scalp thoroughly so in my tired state, I unraveled this…

20130504-100819.jpg #15DaysofTwists

Then I washed my hair. Guess what happened. I will let the pictures tell you…

20130504-100924.jpg #Nightmare

The War began – Me vs Hair. I was in such a tangled mess. I didn’t know where to begin. I thought it would be impossible to detangle and put in big twists. I even told my friend that I would never put my hair in mini twists again because of what I saw. I even thought of crying…seriously.

Well fortunately for me, I had my faithful hairbrush (see above picture). That brush worked miracles for me and did the impossible…detangled my hair with ease. Before detangling each section, I applied my leave-in conditioner and Shea Butter mixed with Almond Oil. #Woohoo now I’m a war hero thinking of my next hairstyle!

Check out my Instagram @hairoflife for pictures that aren’t on this blog.

Always me,



  1. Just stumbled on your blog while doing my weekly research on transitioning to natural hair.

    I must said I was seriously considering relaxing my hair as I am running out of hair styles. Seeing your hair has insipired me to continue my journey to natural hair.

    Also where do you get your hair products? I have recently just moved back to nigeria and am so clueless about where to buy anything. I know you are in Abuja and sadly am in Lagos, if you know anywhere I can go in Lagos that would be helpful.

    Lastly, you have very nice hair.

  2. Ouch! Sandra the locks must have been so painfull to untangle! So much for my advice to twist it,now i feel bad. Next time pls take no advice from a creamy crack user! Lol

  3. hehe war hero, have you tried Apple cider vinegar? It is an awesome detangler, among other awesome uses; hair cleanser, rinse, facial cleanser/toner (excellent for acne!!) etc. I usually detangle before washing If i’d worn mini twists or have a tangled wng. I put my hair in sections, saturate each section with ACV (I use one part water and one part ACV), finger detangle, then brush/comb and retwist, works every time 🙂 #stillstalkingyourblog #runsandhides

    • Hey!
      I’ve missed your input! Loool @ stalking! ACV makes my hair so dry. I have tried it in the past. I used to apply it to clarify my scalp. I gave up on it because of the dryness.

      Well that tangled mess was really my fault. I have a hair detangler that works well but I didn’t have the patience. I just thought I’d wash my hair and the water would loosen up the hair…what was I thinking?! The detangler also makes my hair ‘crunchy’ after use so I only use before washing and never after. Thank goodness I had that brush. Pleasekeeponstalking! Lol

  4. Seeing that picture just reminded about my issue with mini twists. I have looked at your coil definition and noticed that the have the same. Sometimes after loosing / washing and it looks like that, I just bun and ling it. And that is my hairstyle for another 1 week while I am deciding and building strength to comb it out. Will start stalking your site too.

  5. I always use Aloevera juice and oil mix to detangle before washing when I take down weaves, braids and braided updos. BTW i am transitioning since february last year.

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