The Ruby Woo Night

Hey Hey Hey,

I’ve got a tale for you.

One night, 3 ladies named Sandeey, Yove and Nuellababy, were bored and decided to do something about it. They got out their Ruby Woo by Mac Cosmetics lipsticks and painted their lips. Next, they got out their cameras and took some pictures.

Before you see the pictures, I should tell you something…‘Yes, they felt like models’.





And so my friends, there you have it: The Ruby Woo Night. Do you want to know what happened next? Well, lets just say that this event took place at 11:45pm and after the pictures were taken, they wiped off their lipsticks and went to sleep! #hehe.

I think I have become addicted to lipstick. The addiction began when I read Julianna of Brushes-n-Pencil’s blog ( I read one of her posts where it was mentioned and #bam! I had to have that Ruby Woo.

Later world!

Always me,
Sandeey Lipstick Addict!



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