New Washing Routine Alert!

Hi hi hi!

I woke up thinking I had to go to work, then my sleepy brain woke up after and said “Today’s Saturday!” It’s been a busy busy week. I finally have time to tell you what happened Thursday night. Well, I got back from work and my scalp was itching like crazy. Also the amount of flakes on my scalp was enough to make a bowl of cereal. #Ewwww. The mental picture is disgusting but bear with me…I need you to understand what happened! Not only was my hair itchy, my hair refused to behave and be styled properly! It had stopped responding to my products.

As I was watching TV and religiously scratching my itchy scalp, I decided that enough was enough. My Seborrheic Dermatitis had gotten the best of me and I was not going to let it annoy me any longer! I jumped up and ran to the bathroom and washed my problem away…for the mean time (no cure). This happened at about 9pm.


You can see that I used coconut oil in my regimen. Well I had to use it because my almond oil had finished. I used my oil-in-the-bucket method but guess what?! It didn’t keep my hair soft the way it used to. I blame coconut oil for this! I will definitely be switching back to my almond oil. Well, my deep conditioner solved that problem.

After washing, I detangled with my Goody Brush (gifted by mom). That brush works best when my hair isn’t a tangled mess after washing! Then I moisturized and put my hair in big twists and it dried by morning. I put my hair in a textured bun and went to work. My scalp loves me for it and I love it too!

The Decision: I will now wash my hair twice a week and no more once. I need to fix this itchy scalp problem that I’ve had my whole life!

Always me,



  1. Wow, I am just starting to leave my hair to grow natural. Are you saying that there is a chance in the future that hair products bought, would stop working?

    • Oh no. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I had last washed my hair the previous Friday and had been putting products. It just stopped responding that Thursday. Maybe I put too much. Washing my hair helps start over and the products work just fine. Hope it’s clearer 🙂

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