Product Review- Shea Moisture…Curl & Style Milk

Hi Everyone,

Well I’m excited right now! My lovely cousin Amanda gave me loads of hair products recently and I’ve been eager to try them. I feel like trying them all at once but one at a time will do :). Well today, I tried out Shea Moisture Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk!


So, I washed my hair with my usual seborrheic dermatitis fighting Selsun Blue shampoo and rinsed it off with a warm bucket of water mixed with some Coconut Oil. I previously complained that Coconut Oil did not work as well as Jojoba Oil but i take it back. My hair was so soft after the rinse. Afterwards, I used my Beauty Formulas Henna Treatment Wax Intensive Deep Conditioner.


I placed a towel over my wet hair to soak up most of the water. Then as usual, I moisturized my hair in sections. I used the Curl & Style Milk in each section, followed with very little Coconut Oil and twisted the sections.

20130518-105442.jpg #Chunkytwists

Now we wait to see results..

Always me,


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