Letter From a Reader!

Hello Hair of Life,

I have been thinking of transitioning to my natural hair. However, my husband will not allow a full hair cut. I cut it as low as I dared and he hates it. lol. I am in a country where I don’t have easy access to places where I can get my hair done.(Ridiculously pricy) I have finally taken off the weave I had on.


These pics show the state of my hair. Where do I start in turning it natural? What products do I start with? What should I do?

Horrible Hair Chick


Hi “Soon to be Healthy Hair Chick”! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hmm. Where do I start? I can only give you advice based on what I did as a beginner. You need to start treating your hair as if it were an egg or a precious cashmere sweater. Be nice to it and it will be nice to you. Get on the Internet and do research just as you have done on my blog. Check out YouTube for natural hair. I remember when I started, I was always checking out YouTube on a daily basis. I learned how to do twist-outs and Bantu-knot outs with my relaxed hair. I also began experimenting with products. I cannot exactly say what products are the best because I don’t know what products you have in that country. I suggest you go round and search for hair products. If you are unsure, google them for reviews. That may help.

Since our hair may react to products in different ways, I can only advise you to find a way to seal in moisture. You can use a leave in conditioner after washing, then use hair cream and /or Shea butter mixed with olive, jojoba or coconut oil. Never use too much product at a time because you will hate your hair…and so will your pillows and chairs ๐Ÿ™‚

Determine how often you want to wash your hair and make it a routine. Check YouTube for kinky hair washing techniques.

Always sleep with a satin cap or scarf or satin pillow case. Your hair must always be protected. Normal hairnets won’t do!

Put some oil in your water for washing off shampoo. This keeps my hair soft throughout the washing process.

Since you are transitioning, I suggest protective styling with wigs, weaves, braids etc. Make sure your hair isn’t held tightly.

Comb your hair only when completely moisturized. Never comb from the roots to ends. Comb from your ends and work your way up to the roots till detangled.

So please go out there and get some products! You may wish to check out my product reviews. I would love to know what you find! Good luck on your hair journey and do not give up!

Details about the reader
She is none other than the beautiful and talented Hera Pereira! I always read her blog. Check out her blog at http://herapereira.com/. You won’t regret it ๐Ÿ™‚

Always me
Sandeey and Hera Pereira!



  1. Thanks for the advice. My hair and I have never had a good relationship. Infact, if it was not attached to me, I am pretty sure it would have divorced me. It is sad that I have to still have to do braids and weavons for now. That was something I was hoping to avoid….sob… Would check out the above mentioned products and I will keep you updated on the products available here. Thanks again. You Tube, here I come…………………

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