Product Review- Miss Jessie’s QUICK CURLS

Hey Everyone,

I hereby present Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls to you. This is one of the products sent by my dear cousin Amanda! You will definitely get to know her better soon (yes Amanda, this is pressure!). Well I washed my hair today and the only new product I used was the Quick Curls. I decided I wanted to know how effective the product was on its own. I used it for my twists without using any leave in conditioner first. I didn’t mix it with any oils either but I did seal my ends with Shea Butter.

I read this on the body of the product…
Locks in moisture (I hope this works)
Superb shine (hmm. Lets see if my hair can shine)
Excellent light weight coating
Will help cut down frizz (it had better do this!)
A great detangler for knots and kinks ( I agree! It helped with that while twisting)
Fortifies and strengthens dull, lifeless curls
This super slick serum will smooth out and defrizz your curls, kinks and waves giving your hair more elasticity and spring (hmm…)
Curls are a breeze (wonder what coils are!)

I noticed that the first ingredient listed is water and I like that. However, it has Paraffinum Liquidum, which I usually stay away from. If this product works, then I may change my views on it.

So there! Now we wait for the verdict 😉

20130525-095625.jpg #NoIWasNotPaid #MorningEyebrows

Always me,



    • Lol. I actually stayed away from it because I read about how it leaves build up and prevents further moisturizing when used. Imagine using Vaseline and trying to put water on your hair. It would never penetrate. Also, I break out in pimples when it gets on my face. Hmm. I haven’t used it in 3 years till now. I may have to experiment with it and know for sure if I should stay away!

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