I’ve Fallen in Love!


I have butterflies in my tummy
I see rainbows all the time
I feel giddy
I’m filled with joy
I feel like the color yellow
I’ve fallen in love…
With my kinky twists (Marley twists, Havana Twists)

Okay I’m exaggerating. I just love the twists because I don’t have to put my hair in the hands of others. I get my twists done between 1-3 hours, depending on the size. I also practiced my new found skill on my sister and it worked. I twisted her hair in an hour! Woohoo.


I am finally an independent natural…okay not true. I will be needing help to get it straightened with heat one day. Enough ranting… Take a look at my week…

I found an old accessory from 2010 and decided to rock it before it gets missing again!


Me, my hair and Ruby woo!


So my dog caught me trying to take shots of my hair after I took the kinky hair attachment out!


Do not touch my hair Piya!


A new dawn…more Kinky/Marley/Havana twists for a new week!


Have a good night!

Always me,


What went on…

Hi All,

I want to tell you what went on this week. Remember when I told you that I used too many packs of kinky hair extensions to twist my hair and my hair was too full? Remember when I told you that I couldn’t even put it in a decent bun? I even showed you a picture of the failed bun attempt.

On Wednesday, I decided to reduce the kinky hair extensions and spent my evening doing just that. I am not sure how long it took because I was watching television while doing it.


You can see that I could put my hair in a low bun on Thursday and that means only one thing…Success!

This evening, I took out the kinky hair extensions and this happened…

20130621-222118.jpg #unexpecteddefinedtwistout

I loved the twistout my hair surprised me with but tonight was wash night and I had to ruin it. As I write this, my scalp is so clean and my hair is waiting to be made tomorrow. I will definitely repeat my hairstyle of the week!

Always me,

Is That Your Hair?

Hi All,

I bring to you a very late post. It’s about 10:35pm in the night. For some, the night is young, but for old me, it’s way past my bedtime! Anyway, I just need to tell you about my experience with my hairstyle of the week so far…I’ll keep it extra short!

Ever since I installed my Kinky twists, I’ve been getting questions and comments like
“Is that your hair?”
“Your hair has grown!”

And my answer…”I Wish!”

I really find it funny how people think my hair’s that long already. That would mean my shrinkage is crazy…I mean crazier because it really shrinks! I guess I did a good job with the twists…yes I’m still proud of my work! I think I’m going to keep my hair in protective styles as much as possible. I’m enjoying it!

I am still trying to figure out the best way to keep my hair moisturized with the twists. Can anybody help me? I will begin my research when my job permits. I’ve been busy lately.

Signing off and giving sleep attention now.

Always me,
Sandeey Sleepy Head

My Misadventures…

Good Morning World,

Well its morning in Abuja 🙂 I come to you with my misadventures. Yes I installed kinky hair extensions myself. Yes they look good as far as I’m concerned. Yes I used too much hair…and No I can’t do a bun with them #sob

I got up this morning determined to rock my twists in a bun for work. Do you want to know what happened? This did…

20130617-091811.jpg #fail

When it comes to buns, this is an epic fail. There was nothing I could do about it. Did I go to work like that? Of course not!…

20130617-091911.jpg #whatidid

Let me get back to work now. Just thought I’d share this with you.

Always me,