Meet Natural IFY ISOH

Hey World,

This is Ify Isoh!

20130531-090733.jpg #TotallyRockin

Her last relaxer was on August 8 2012! I helped her with her big chop but we have both forgotten when it was #shrugs. Anyway she is loving her hair and I know we’ll see more length soon. She uses Shea Moisture products and uses the local black soap to wash her scalp (I did that in the past and loved it!). She also uses “mishanu” to cold steam her hair (I have to see that in action and try it!). See some more pics!


For those of you in Abuja, Nigeria, Ify is the proud CEO of Calip Fresh Juice!



Flavors include:
1)Pineapple,orange and ginger
2)Pineapple and ginger
3)Watermelon,pineapple and orange
4)Carrot,pineapple and orange
5)Banana,pineapple and orange
6)Carrot and ginger
7)Pineapple and orange
8)Mango,pineapple and orange
9)Plain orange
10)Plain pineapple
11)Plain watermelon
12)Plain carrot

I have actually tried most of the flavors and love em! I’m addicted.

You can get some by calling 08035588821 or 08038647026. Orders for 4 or more bottles attracts free delivery! (Deliveries are only made within AMAC).

Keep it up Ify! Both your hair and business!

Always me,


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