Saturday’s Gallery









  1. Honestly am proud of all the natural babes out there. I alwaz admire your hair but only wish i could do same. Kudos. I need deliverance Sandeey. Plssss help me.

  2. I love to see Nigerian naturalistas who actually style their natural hair, lol. This is beautiful. I just found your blg from your BGLH feature (congrats!)

  3. Hi Sandeey!

    Just read your profile on BGLH. I love your hair!! Quick question: What do you call those blue things in your hair and how can I get 1/2 of them?…mind you, I am in South Africa.


    • Thank you! They are bendy rollers. Just check any hair product supply store or you can find out from a salon. They’re everywhere in Nigeria and I’m sure you’ll easily see them in S.A.

    • aww thank you! i twisted on dry hair (although thoroughly moisturized) and used the bendy rollers for like 2-3 twists at a time. then took out the next day! 🙂

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