Snip Snip Snip

Hey World,

I finally got to use my hair scissors. Did I want to? No. Did I have to?…well YES. I finally gathered the courage to examine the tips of my hair and all I saw were split ends. The only cure for split ends are scissors!

As usual, I used my own method of trimming and cut my split ends away. I know I have lost some length but that’s okay, it’s hair. It’ll grow…I dare not do a length check because I am afraid to see how much I cut!

I twisted my hair after washing and cut the tips of the twists away…effective way of trimming? I doubt! Why did I do it this way? Shrug! I don’t know 🙂


Can anybody actually spot the difference?! The left is a pic of my twists after the trim.

I have decided to stick to protective styling for now to keep split ends away.


Also, I promise to take better care of my hair. Should I finger detangle? I just might.

Always me,
split ends Sandeey



  1. Is this your real hair? I have short-medium hair so I was wondering if I could do this style as your hair is longer than mine

    • Which of the hairstyles are you talking about? The Havana twists aren’t mine but the pics on this post are. The pic that compares my hair before the trim and after show my hair.

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