Is That Your Hair?

Hi All,

I bring to you a very late post. It’s about 10:35pm in the night. For some, the night is young, but for old me, it’s way past my bedtime! Anyway, I just need to tell you about my experience with my hairstyle of the week so far…I’ll keep it extra short!

Ever since I installed my Kinky twists, I’ve been getting questions and comments like
“Is that your hair?”
“Your hair has grown!”

And my answer…”I Wish!”

I really find it funny how people think my hair’s that long already. That would mean my shrinkage is crazy…I mean crazier because it really shrinks! I guess I did a good job with the twists…yes I’m still proud of my work! I think I’m going to keep my hair in protective styles as much as possible. I’m enjoying it!

I am still trying to figure out the best way to keep my hair moisturized with the twists. Can anybody help me? I will begin my research when my job permits. I’ve been busy lately.

Signing off and giving sleep attention now.

Always me,
Sandeey Sleepy Head



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